Shop Policies

Shop Policies briefly but clearly describe what buyers should expect when purchasing from your shop. Your Shop Policy should specify your policies for returns/exchanges, payment, shipping and also your ethical and sustainable process and standards.

After you open your shop, you can edit your Shop Policies page by logging onto your Dashboard > Seller Dashboard > Settings > Store and there at the end of the form you will find a checkbox and a text input box for creating your terms and conditions page. After done writing, tick the checkbox and click update.

You should now get your terms and conditions page tab added on your store front. It will appear as the image shown below.

Creating Your Shop Policies

  • Create Shop Policies to provide as much as information you can to your buyer, such as:
  1. Your Business and its Ethical and Sustainable Standards (this is why people are buying your product so make it good)
  2. Payments accepted (at this prescent time we only offer our secure payment gateway, ‘stripe’.
  3. Turnaround time for shipping (this needs to be very clear)
  4. Terms of your refunds or exchanges
  5. Customs and duty fees (if applicable)
  • Shop Policies are for protection of both seller and buyers.
  • Try to create clear and concise policies because the too wordy policies may confuse and take away a customer. 
  • Your policies should not be in contradiction with any of Known Effects’ policies, including but not limited to the below:
  • Terms of Use 
  • Seller Policy

Let’s talk about refunds and returns

Let’s be honest we have all returned and/or had to get a refund before. The best way to handle a refund and/or return is to be friendly, why?, because offering your customers refunds shows you are confident in your product and brand, statistics show it increases your brand value. Don’t let refunds give you the blues or make you think your product isn’t liked, this isn’t true! refunds are a strong feature so, choose your wording wisely to be clear, friendly and comforting to your customers

Here’s a little example:

“Known Effects takes pride in their Ethical and Sustainable craftsmanship. But sometimes in life people receive things that didn’t quite meet our expectations and we understand that therefore we will offer you a complete refund within 14 days of receiving your item”.

Seller Information

Sellers in the European Union intending to sell to customers in the European Union must include the following information in the Seller Information section:

        Your name

        Physical address of your shop

        An email address to be used by buyers to contact you

        Your tax identification number as applicable

The Seller Information on your Shop Policies page is visible to public.

Disclaimer: The content about “Seller Information” is not legal advice. Please consult a licensed attorney for any specific legal questions. You assume all responsibility for use of this information. Please check this page periodically as it may be updated.