Bath teas carry many benefits besides looking beautiful. Soaking in an infusion of medicinal herbs, petals and roots goes far beyond the most luxurious bath.

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Bath teas carry many benefits besides looking beautiful. Soaking in an infusion of medicinal herbs, petals and roots goes far beyond the most luxurious bath. Back in ancient times, only royals used to soak in medicinal plants. Nowadays it is far more accessible for people to enjoy all the benefits of those pampering herbal baths.

While you might already know the health benefits of drinking herbal teas on a daily basis, you may not be aware of the skin and health-enhancing benefits of soaking in it. A tea-based bath is a great way to absorb the antioxidants and minerals that come from flowers, herbs and roots. It’s a refreshing new twist on any skincare routine! Not only can a herbal bath infused with tea help nourish the skin, but you’ll be indulging in a spa-like treatment for supreme relaxation. If you’re stressed or tired after a long day, just draw up a healing bath with a fresh tea bag. And rejoice in it!

Tip: If you’re not a herbal tea lover but would love to experience the benefits of our Bath Teas you might like to try adding approx 50 ml of concentrated brewed Bath Tea to a juice or a glass of bubbles. Bridal Bath Tea is the perfect blend for a special toast on your perfect day!


All our Bath Tea blends are made ONLY with organic certified petals and leaves and / or wildcrafted. Each jar of 200 ml contains 70 gr to 95 gr aprox (depending on the blend volume ) and comes with an unbleached organic cotton bag. The contents of each jar will provide 3 baths or 6 facial steams or 9 cuppa

Which one to choose?

NEW Bridal: to glow, to blossom, to be loved.

Calming: a relaxing blend to unwind and reconnect with our inner self.

Soothing: to soothe itchy skin, irritation, eczema, psoriasis…

Detox: to help you purify your skin, increase circulation and reduce fat. Full of vitamins A,C,E,G, selenium, zinc and magnesium. It has a mild diuretic effect.

Key Ingredients

+ Our new Bridal Bath Tea is made with the most exquisite organic petals of jasmine from Mysore and roses from Bulgaria. This jasmine grows in plateaus of 200 to 500 meters above the sea. The women harvest the flowers at dusk when the petals start to open and release their fragrance. Originally native to Persia and Kashmir, and brought to Europe in large quantities via Spain in the 17th century, Jasmine has a long and rich history in several cultures. Its name comes from the Persian word ‘yasmin’ meaning gift from God. In India it symbolises divine hope and is revered as “the perfume of love”; in China it represents the sweetness of women.

+ Calming Bath Tea was created to honour femininity inspired by the different facets every woman experiences due to their cyclic nature.
Delicate violet leaves represent the young woman; that vibrant and energetic self full of passion. Rose has been symbol of love, beauty and secret since the beginning of time, featuring the symbol of the nurturing and loving mother. Witch hazel, considered a magical herb thanks to its medicinal benefits, symbolise the enchantress (because let’s be honest, we are not always angels! We may also become a witch from time to time.) And sacred lotus, symbol of enlightment and purity, always present in the sage (wise) woman facet. Four woman archetypes present in each woman’s cycle.
+ Detox Bath Tea star is elderflower. The name Elder, is probably derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘Aeld’, meaning fire. Once upon a time, the Elder-tree was considered sacred to the ancient vegetation Goddess, and the tree’s gifts were regarded as her blessings. It was commonly believed that Elders blessed and protected the people who cared for it. The only legitimate reason for cutting down an Elder tree or taking any part of it was to use it for medicine or as a protective charm – and even that only with the consent of the resident dryad (the spirit of the Elder tree). With the rise of Christianity and the subsequent persecution of any form of tree worship, the sacred Elder tree became a tree of witches and the old stories were soon distorted and turned around to suit the preachers of the new religion. Nevertheless, some of the older believes persisted and people carried on pinning Elder leaves on their doors to ward off witches, daemons and other evil influences. There is a long list of folk stories behind elderflowers and its magical uses, what it is certain is elderflowers have a sweet aroma and are a strong diuretic, anti-inflammatory and diaphoretic effect that helps to burn fat. My purpose with Detox blend is to offer women a sweet, refreshing and floral way to purify, burn fat, and increase bloodstream microcirculation. Detox does not need to be a bitter experience!

+ Soothing Bath Tea was created to comfort the body and the soul. This bath tea was inspired by one of my granny’s tea blends, a very ancient recipe used by the women in my family over centuries. Calendula was chosen for warming our heart’s winter. Calendula offers us an opportunity to move what it has stagnated in our lives. It helps us warming the emotional-energetic pools we’ve ignored or not quite noticed. Blue mallow promotes spiritual healing and peace. It can be drunk as a tea or added to a bath to soften one’s character. And the rose, the eternal symbol of beauty, love and secret to balance our feminine energy flows.



Rosa Canina,  Rosa Rugosa,  Rosa centifolia, Nelumbo Nucifera , Viola Odorata, Hammamelis Virginiana


Avena Sativa ,  Rosa Canina, Althaea Officinalis , Calendula Officinalis, Malva Sylvestris


Rubus Idaeus , Sambuccus Nigra ,  Fucus vesiculosus , Hammamelis Virginiana


Jasminum officinale, Calendula Officinalis, Rosa centifolia, Iris germanica, Sambuccus Nigra




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