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We decide to build a business and create a product or service because we are passionate about what we are selling or offering. As entrepreneurs we have a tendency to come rolling into our business with a bag full of ideas but we don’t always have the ability to slow down and figure out where to place each and every idea.

Do you remember why you started your business?

Have you got to a point where you feel like something just isn’t right?

Maybe you need to slow down and ask yourself some questions that will help you realign your business in a way that is in alignment with you and your business morals.

We all want our businesses to evolve and evolve in such a way that our passion for our business can be seen through our brand and products or services. Sometimes as small businesses we can feel like getting our business to evolve is a painfully slow process which sometimes feels like it is actually going backwards instead of forwards, this is totally normal so don’t get yourself down. Instead, take a breather and gather all the lessons you have learn’t from starting and growing your business. With all this information you can filter this into strategies to grow your business in a way that is uniquely you, in a way that will bring inspiration, knowledge and confidence to your business.known-effects-small-business-hub-creating- Organic-FlowCreating Organic Flow – here are a few question to ask yourself

Have you included a part of YOU in your business?
Where in your business do YOU show yourself/your background? This is were your customers get to know and love your brand, through getting to know you
What are you doing now to EVOLVE your business? What are any road blocks? How can you change these blockages into positive growth?
What parts of ‘doing business’ do you really and enjoy? How can you incorporate this into the areas you don’t so much enjoy?
How do you plan on aligning your business with you over the next 12 months?

Growing your business is not just about the income (but this is what we are all working towards) we also need work on (and stepping outside our bubble):
Learning new way to better connect with clients
Improving your mindset
Discovering new and easier platforms or processes that free up time to focus on other areas of your business
Finding new techniques or ways to do things
New tips to help you grow

Take some time out to bring business back into alignment with the real YOU!



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