Known Effects Ethical Market place

We were spoilt.

The team at KNOWN EFFECTS all grew up on the east coast of Australia, surrounded by breathtaking beauty and unlimited natural resources. Our world was rich with picture-perfect beaches, wildlife-rich rain forests, glorious coral reefs, freshwater lakes, the Great Barrier Reef, and gorgeous, green landscapes that we took for granted.  We all grew up in different coastal towns on the east coast and as children, we assumed everybody on the planet was enjoying the same lush, unspoiled terrain with clean air and crystal-clear water that we were.  Why wouldn’t they be? 

FUCK we were wrong, so wrong!

We were in for the biggest wake-up call of our lives. We all set off traveling around the world for roughly three years. All living amongst different cultures in different parts of the world at different times., We all had something in common although we had not met yet. We witnessed the massive destruction caused to undeveloped countries by Western businesses and corporations.  We saw garbage and waste in the streets and ocean, the tragic depletion of natural resources, chemicals and other toxins dumped into waterways and into the air, the exploitation of children and other human rights violations, and a stunning lack of accountability for it all. Our idealistic worldview was shaken to the core.

From these personal experience we had all witnessed, a deep passion was born.

We all met a few years later on the Far North Coast of Australia, Byron Bay. Our friendships grew and with very similar passions and experiences we knew that it is possible for businesses to operate responsibly without causing harm, and still be successful.

We believe they can. They must.  And we became determined to prove the naysayers wrong.

We launched the company, Known Effects, a team of passionate, creative individuals who are bringing together the nations small businesses who are making environmentally friendly products that demonstrate ethical production and sustainability. We’ve created a powerful community that is working together to create a more sustainable future. 

When customers shop at KNOWN EFFECTS, they’re helping to change the old paradigm of immoral business practices, unethical working conditions, human rights abuses, unaccountability and unsustainability.  We believe a business can thrive on all levels without having a negative effect on the environment, community, society, or the economy.  And can meet the triple bottom line, even with progressive environmental and human rights policies, and still be wildly successful. 

We will be forever changing to unlock the truth and make the change this world needs!